Q.) What is Consignment? How does it work?
A.) Consignment is the process of putting items for sale in an online retail store and splitting the profits after they’ve sold. Since this is an Internet store, Consign With Us offers items, on average, at 30%-85% off the retail price. Your items will be beautifully photographed catching as much detail as possible. We pride ourselves on having happy, repeat customers that check our side daily giving you exposure to our huge client base as well as new customers.
Q.) How much do you pay me for my items?
A.) We Offer a 50/50 spilt on anything that sells for $50.00 or more. Anything that sells from $30.00 to $49.99 is a 40/60 split with the consignor receiving 40% of the total amount we receive from the customer.  Anything sold under $30.00 is a $5.00 flat fee paid to the consigner.
Q.) What designer labels do you accept?
A.) Click here for list of approved designers
Q.)How should I mail in my Designer items?
A.)We recommend shipping your items using Federal Express Ground with Signature required. We do accept deliveries with UPS and USPS, but FedEx ground seems to be the most reasonably priced.  We have never had a package get lost and found that most shipments take between 2-6 days. Again, we recommend shipping Ground. Our address is 915 NE 1st Ave Cape Coral, Fl 33909 Darren@Consignwithus.net
Q.) Do I need to call before I mail my designer items to you?
A.) No you do not have to call us.
Q.) Are you responsible for my items?
A.) Consign With Us is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage of merchandise while in transit or at our office.
Q.) How long will Consign With Us try selling my merchandise before it is returned or donated?
A.) Merchandise will remain in our premises for a minimum period of 120 days, a full season. During this period mark downs may take place every month as needed. Mark downs are not applied to some specialty items such as Very High End designer labels like Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton Etc…
Q.) What happens if my items do not sell?
A.) If the items do not sell, management, at their discretion will contact the consignor and ask if they want their items back or donate them with a donation slip being mailed to you.
Q.) When will I receive compensation for the consignment items that were sold?
A.) Checks will be written and mailed to the consignor once per month after items sell.  There is a 14 day return period on our sold items so anything past that time period will be paid.
Q.) What happens if my items are on lay-a-way when it’s time to get paid?
A.) The consignor does not get paid for items on lay-a-way until payment is received in full.
Q.) Do you pay for shipping?
A.) No, the consignor is responsible for shipping.
Q.) Do you consign shoes & boots?
A.) Shoes & boots are just one of our favorite things to sell, and many women would love to own high end labels. We have only a few guidelines on how the shoes must look:
1.) Please make sure they are in like-new condition with little scuffs, marks, or dents.
2.) Please make sure they have no foul odors or powders inside them.
3.) Please make sure the size is listed somewhere inside the shoes, if not please make sure to tell us the size so we can mark it appropriately.
4.) Please include original boxes or shoe bags if you have them.
Q.) Do you consign purses?
A.)  We love every purse, big or small! Just make sure they are in great shape, with little wear in like new condition. If you have the authenticity card, dust bags or original boxes, please include them.
Q.) What items do you consign & sell at your store?
A.) Just visit: http://Consignwithus.net/Approved Designers and all our labels we accept are on that page.
Q.) Do I have to pay a consignment fee?
A.) No. Consign With us pays all fees to eBay and PayPal so you will get your full commission amount.
Q.) How many items can I mail at once and is there a minimum?
A.) As many as you can box up! But we do ask if you have over 100 items please find a very strong box like Fed Ex sells that has 200 lb box strength. We have no minimum on any designer items we accept.
Q.) Do you purchase designer items?
A.) No, we only consign merchandise and do not buy it outright.
Q.) Do you consign jewelry or watches?
A.) Yes.  We consign high end costume jewelry and fine jewelry and watches.  Watches must be in good working order.
Q.) Do you consign copy cat items?
A.) No.  Consign with us will only sell authentic designer shoes, clothing, purses, jewelry and accessories.  If we receive a counterfeit item we will not return it to the consignor.
Q.) Do you consign men’s items?
A.) Yes and if you do not see your labels on the approved list please contact us to see if we can accept that label.