What others have to say about Consign With Us
“Over the years, I have often given my ‘lovely-but-no-longer-needed’ possessions such as St. John, Chie Mihara, Versace, Hobbs, Jaeger, Basler, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Chopard, Hermes etc. to friends and family. When I discovered Guys and Dolls New to You (now Consign with Us) on eBay, I thought I would take a risk and start to send some of my items to them to sell on eBay on my behalf. I am too busy myself to be hassled with taking photographs, listings, dealing with customer returns / complaints etc.
it was certainly a risk worth taking — I just cannot believe how profitable this has been to me! Darren and Tammy are the most professional, efficient, personable, honest and highly reliable people that I have ever had the pleasure of conducting business with. As soon as they receive my shipments (however large or small) I receive an email from them, expressing their sincere appreciation. Wasting no time at all, within hours, my items are listed on eBay. Professional pictures are taken from all angles, and much attention to detail goes into the description of each item. It is such fun “watching” them, and following the auctions or the “buy-it-now” activities on eBay.
I leave all the pricing in the expert hands of these fabulously knowledgeable eBay sellers. All my items are accurately and numerically listed by means of an excel spreadsheet, and updates are regularly emailed to me. Every month, they send me a PayPal payment, and they have sold literally thousands of dollars’worth of high-end “stuff” that I would previously have given away. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough. The gracious communication and interactions make me feel like we are the best of friends, although they are in the USA, I am a British expat living and working in Saudi Arabia, and we have never actually met.” –Greer, Saudia Arabia
“I have been doing consignment business with Consignwithusnow (formerly Guysand dollsnewtoyou) for over four years. They are experienced resellers and have always expedited sales for me with efficiency and fairness. They are the best I have ever dealt with. Thanks Tammy and Darren.” –John, Mississippi
“What I appreciate most is the thorough and friendly communication, fair terms, prompt payment and convenience. I just mail my items and they do the rest. I tried selling on eBay and it’s just not for me — I don’t have the patience, attention to detail or aptitude for customer service like they do!” –Anne, State College, PA
“I have dealt with Consign With Us for 2-3 years, first as a buyer & more recently as a seller. I found that as my life style changes, so do my needs. Who better to consign my many beautiful items with than someone I trust implicitly? Darren & Tammy are diligent in their efforts to sell my things, to keep me informed via spreadsheets & to send my checks in a timely manner. I will continue to use Consign With Us to sell my high end clothing, shoes, purses & fashion jewelry & highly recommend them. –Betty, Georgia
“In the past six months, I have consigned high-end designer women’s clothing, accessories, and vintage jewelry with Consign With Us. I am very pleased to work with this professionally run and responsible company. I was a customer of theirs before I was a consignor with them. I have confidently sent Consign With Us packages of clothing and they immediately acknowledge receipt. They promptly list the items I send them. Their listings show my items accurately, and their photography is excellent. When my items sell, I can depend on receiving a payment check for my part of the proceeds. The company sends payment checks on a 30-day basis, and it is not necessary for me to chase after money which is due me. They pay promptly and regularly. Consign With Us always sends an updated spreadsheet with the current status of each item I have sent to them. If my item does not sell, they will automatically re-list it. Consign With Us returns emails promptly, is courteous, follows eBay rules and regulations, and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend them without reservation.” –E, North Carolina
“I have been sending my designer clothing and shoes to consignwithus for several years now and I am very pleased with their services. I trust them to present my items professionally on e-bay and I feel that they are getting a much higher price for my things than I could if I listed them myself. Each month I receive a complete and accurate spreadsheet listing all my items , showing what items sold, the price they sold for, consignwithus’s commission and a check for my percentage of the sale. If you have nice designer clothing to sell I highly recommend Consign With Us.” –Dr. Lynn
“This consignment program is the best – the absolute best! I am a professional woman with a need to change up my wardrobe fairly regularly. Consign With Us was a godsend for me. Periodically I box up my no-longer-needed designer suits, ship them out, and they handle the rest. In a very short while I receive a nice check and an itemized spreadsheet outlining each sale. These folks are fast, accurate and highly professional. I recommend them without reservation.” –Martha, Mississippi
“I have been selling my clothing through Darren and Tammy for 3 or 4 years. I really appreciate their business practices, keeping a spread sheet of my transactions and promptly sending me checks after they sell some items. They are wonderful to deal with.” –Rose, Pa